The South Korean company recalls 11,870 copies of the Sonata business class sedan, as well as the Nexo hydrogen crossover. The recall is to blame for the Smaht Pahk smart parking system.

As part of the promotion for its updated Hyundai Sonata sedan, the South Korean automaker specifically mentioned the Smaht Pahk self-parking feature. Yes, the novelty of the 2020 model year can be parked on its own, however ...

Now Hyundai recognizes that its development, the Smaht Pahk system, has a small drawback, which can lead to the fact that the car simply can not stop at the right time.

Obviously, this poses a safety risk, so Hyundai recalls over 12,000 cars.

The parking function - technically called the Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) - is installed on the 2020 Sonata sedan, as well as on the Nexo 2020 hydrogen crossover model year. At the time of this writing, the exact ratio of the models to each other is unknown - but according to rumors, the vast majority of “problem” machines relate specifically to the Sonata model.

What is the specific problem? According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “RSPA software may not prevent a vehicle from moving when a malfunction is detected in the RSPA system itself.” In the event of any malfunction of the system, the car may continue to move without control, instead of stopping by default. The automaker is not aware of any injuries or accidents caused by this problem.

Hyundai has identified a small portion of the computer code as the cause of the problem, and new software will be installed to correct the situation. The automaker will begin to notify dealers and owners of the affected cars on June 4 this year. Obviously, owners will not pay for software updates for their cars.