In may, you are going to encounter with a new big surprise, the RuneScape Phoenix Table lamps in the Treasure Hunter promotional. Of course there will be a series of outstanding items like new winged chest muscles pet, fetching glowing environment, waiting for you, but the capacity of the lamp should be mare like a highlight.

Introduction to Phoenix Table lamps

As smouldering lamps, the particular Phoenix Lamps can be used in skills that already have benefit experience in, and get rid of the same amount of bonus knowledge as it would give normally, offering players immediate benefit from the knowledge. However , what’s different would be that the new lamp added inside the Treasure Hunter Promo this specific March will be a kind of completely different lamp in nature. Becasue it is name suggests, the Phoenix arizona Lamps possess an capacity to reborn after death virtually. That means, after used when, the lamp can be rescued and used once again soon after, allowing players to enjoy these effect twice.

Get THK to enjoy Phoenix Lamps and also more

Besides the Phoenix table lamps, there will also be new things added on the reward set of the upcoming Treasure Rogue Promo, a new winged rucksack, a winged chest family pet, as well as a fetching glowing environment.

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