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    The actual Eyes of Glouphrie Walkthrough

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    Starting out

    Head south-west through the Spirit Tree in Woods Gnome Stronghold until you get a quest start point. The actual cave, and speak to Brimstail. He will ask you to go into the following cave and look at this carefully. Inspect the performing bowl, set in the center of the actual cave surrounded by a dark circular pothole, 'Unlock' (attempt to) Oaknock's Machine. As soon as you're done with these two activities, talk to Brimstail again.

    Speak with Brimstail again, and he can confirm to go and talk to Hazelmere. Fully finish the conversation or Hazelmere will not be comprehended later on. Hazelmere is located on the island of st. kitts chain east of Yanille. There is also a fairy ring straight beside his hut program code cls. Another way to reach your pet is using the Nightmare Area minigame teleport and operating south-east.


    Speak to Hazelmere-there's a long conversation, and he can get inside your mind where you can right now talk to him. This requires fouthy-six Magic and cannot be enhanced. A long cutscene will follow exhibiting the goblin wars contrary to the gnomes, and Glouphrie while using Gnome King. Hazelmere will give you a violet pentagon to the machine.


    Go back along with speak to Brimstail where you will sent straight to a shorter cut-scene in which a low profile gnome will sabotage the equipment you examined earlier.

    Destroy your mud rune while using pestle and mortar, then use it on the bucket involving sap to create magic paste. Repair the machine using your walnut logs, oak logs plus the glue. You will need to have a claw and a saw in your products.

    Now, you will have to unlock along with restart the machine. For this, you will want more crystal disks-talk for you to Brimstail to get some from him. You may talk to him multiple times to get additional shapes. If you can no longer receive disks from Brimstail, decline the disks and talk with him again to get more hard disk drives.

    To work this machine, you have to in shape crystal disks to the quantities shown. The numbers will change for everybody; therefore , you have to answer this mostly yourself. This is why it works:

    To the west area is a chart showing typically the values of each colour.

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