We understand that together with big releases come a lot of new items which results in a lot more pressure to manage bank room. While we're unable to offer you increased bank space currently, we are exploring other options. One of many suggestions we've seen incorporates a Seed Vault being included in the Farming Guild. Issue passes, we could consider additional similar storage options for particular item categories in the future.

The particular Hydra Tail

The Hydra tail is a tradeable special drop that comes from the particular Alchemical Hydra. It can be with the Bonecrusher and a Dragonbone necklace around your neck to create a Bonecrusher necklace. Advantages alch price of the Hydra tail is currently 900, 000 GP which is far more than we feel it ought to be. Still we are aware that without being associated with something else, it is likely to along with price substantially after we all lower the alch benefit. With this in mind, we are going in advance with a reduction in the high alch price but would like to provide you with the following. We will explore other choices should the below not complete:

Kourend Favour

The residents of Kourend’s five properties are well known for working strongly with each other. Shayzien soldiers guarding Hosidius farms and Lovakengj smiths producing Shayzien shield are just a couple of examples of this specific. Currently, earning favour together with one house will lower favour with another if you do not have completed Architectural Contrat. This feature does not mirror the thematics of Kourend very well so we would like to change it out. We want to make it so that attaining favour in one house would not reduce favour in any other folks. This will make the favour method fit the lore regarding Kourend better and will also boost flexibility when earning favor. This change won’t influence the overall time needed to reach highest favour in Kourend.

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