Home Alone

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My brother and I were alone in our apartment. My parents had gone for a function and had left me in charge. I was doing my homework while my younger brother was watching television. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong! My younger brother rushed to the door thinking that our parents had come home; he unlocked the door and opened it.

Outside, stood a tall man wearing a black raincoat and black rubber boots. He said that he was a salesman and asked politely if our mother or father was at home.

Without thinking, my brother said, "No." He asked if we would like to buy some comic books, which he was selling. I quickly explained that we were not supposed to buy anything without our parents' permission.

Then, as I was about to close the door, he forced his way into our house. He took out a knife and forced me to tie up my brother's hands with some rope which he took out from his pocket. I tied up his hands but I tied it in a special way so my brother could untie himself. The man then tied my hands up and locked both of us in the kitchen.

Soon, he went upstairs to search the bedroom for valuables. I managed to teach my brother to untie the rope on his hands. He then untied me. I rushed to the telephone to call the police, but the line was dead. The doors were all locked from the outside and I did not have the keys to unlock them. Luckily, the robber forgot to lock the kitchen window. My brother managed to get out of the house through the window and I told him to go to the neighbourhood police post and call for help.

My brother brought the police to our house and the robber was caught. We had to go to the police station to make a report. At the police station, we found out that the robber was a wanted criminal whom the police have been trying to catch for a long time. The police thanked us for our good work.

By that time, our parents had come home. We told them the whole story about the robbery. My parents were thankful that we were not hurt but they lectured me for not stopping my brother from opening the door to strangers. I learnt a lesson on safety and responsibility.

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