The blue rabbit

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Once upon a time there was a young princess who lived in a castle far away. Her name was Adrianne and she was very beautiful. Her hair was long and blonde and her eyes were blue like the sea. Her mother died when she was a baby and her father remarried a woman who didn't like the princess. Adrianne was very unhappy because her new mother treated her badly. She always gave the girl difficult chorus around the house and called her ugly and stupid all the time.

Her stepmother was a witch but she was the only one who knew. One night, when Princess Adrianne turned 21, she saw her stepmother in the garden transforming herself into a horrible witch. She didn't know how to tell her father because she was afraid for his life. She couldn't sleep all night thinking how to save everybody from that creature.

The next morning she found in her garden the strangest animal she had ever seen: a blue rabbit! The strangest thing was that he could talk.

The rabbit came close and told the girl she had nothing to be afraid of...His name was Adrian and he was a good wizard transformed by the witch into this strange creature.

A few years ago the witch was stealing children from their parents in order to breathe the youth out of them. Then she transformed them all in trees. Two years ago she needed thirteen children. The 13th was his cousin who was ten years old. The wizard came after the witch, saved his cousin but he failed to save the other children and he got changed by the witch into this blue rabbit. Since then he is searching for the witch and he found her because he heard that close to this kingdom some children were missing. Years ago he promised he will save all the children from that bad witch's spells.

The princess agreed to help him defeat the witch. The wizard told Adrianne that to help him change back she had to steal a key the witch was wearing on a chain around her neck. She noticed then a collar around the rabbit's neck and a lock. The key could open the lock and transform him into a human again.

They thought up a plan and the next day the princess spilled a drink "accidentally" on her stepmother's dress. Pretending to help her clean the stain the girl stole the golden key and brought it back to the wizard.

She opened the lock and the rabbit transformed into a handsome young man with long blue hair and hazel, warm eyes. They liked each other very much and decided to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

As promised, the wizard went and made a spell that turned the wicked witch into dust and she was taken away by the wind. Afterwards they told the truth to the king who cried, thanked them and apologized to his daughter for doing nothing himself all these years.

He agreed on their marriage and gave them his blessing.

Because all promises must be kept the wizard turned into a beautiful golden eagle, took the princess on its wing and they both went and saved all the other children. They brought them back to their families who were very happy and grateful for seeing their sons and daughters again.

The eagle flew with the princess on a cliff where the wizard had his castle and they started the most fantastic wedding you've ever dreamed of. And they lived happily ever after.

Queens ate cream and berries Kings danced with the fairies Wizards on wooden shelves Drank champagne with all the elves

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