Lilith s Fairy Dust Hat

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Lilith, the littlest fairy, had lost her flower petal hat.


''I need a brand new one'', she said, and flew off to look for a new one right away. The littlest fairy picked the first flower she came to and popped it on top of her head.


''How do I look? she asked a dragonfly that was hovering close by.


''As silly as can be'', he replied.


''Then, how about a red poppy hat?'' Lilith asked him when she had chosen another flower.


''Poppies make you sneeze, and by the way, you have a smudge of black pollen right on the end of your nose!'' and he fluttered back to his home by the river tittering all the way.


Next, Lilith tried a daisy hat, but it was far too heavy and a wee bit old-fashioned.


''I know!'' cried the littlest fairy. ''A foxglove bell would fit me just beautifully!''. But she was wrong. The hat was so big, Lilith was lost inside and had to call for help. Now, the Fairy Queen (who always knew what was happening to every fairy), was absolutely brilliant at choosing hats.


''For you, the softest thistledown'' said the Fairy Queen, and with a wave of her magic wand, and a sprinkling of fairy dust... there was Lilith's new hat! How it sparkled and twinkled, how it glittered in the sunlight.


''A perfect hat for my littlest fairy'', said the Fairy Queen smiling at Lilith.

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