The Time Machine

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I am Professor Huang and I have just invented a time machine that allows people to travel into the past or the future for five hours.

I thought that it would be fun to see what my father was like when he was 10 years old.

I packed a small bag and got into my time machine. I keyed in the words, "1964, 11 Niven Road, Singapore" then pressed the button. There was a "whoosh" and a "bang" ... the time machine was shaking and spinning and in a moment, I was in front of the pre-war house, 11 Niven Road.

I saw four children looking for a lost dog. I recognised them ... they were my father, my uncle Kelvin, my auntie Peek and auntie Janet. I introduced myself as an old friend and agreed to help them look for their lost dog, Blackie.

The children wanted to climb a hill and looked into the houses below. By the time we reached the top, we were tired and decided to sit down and rest. Suddenly I heard a dog barking. "Blackie!" my father shouted. We traced the source of the barking to one of the houses. We looked down and saw a dog chained to a pole. It was Blackie and he looked frightened.

The children boldly knocked on the door of the house and demanded that the man (who came to the door) return Blackie to them. The man asked the children to prove the black dog was Blackie. My father called out Blackie's name and the dog responded with an enthusiastic woa woa. The man reluctantly gave Blackie back to the children.

We went back to 11 Niven Road and I bid them goodbye. My five hours were almost up. I ran to a dark alley and in a flash I was gone. I found myself back in my time. What an adventure!

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