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    What breast pumps do you recommend?

    FTM here as well, so no personal experience yet, but I chose the Spectra S1. I used the Aeroflow website to see which pumps I qualified for with my insurance and was emailed a list. I basically had already narrowed it down between a Spectra and Medela because those were the brands I had heard about most on these kinds of forums, but I decided on the Spectra because it has a closed system (which, if I understand it correctly, is useful to prevent bacteria growth etc.) and because it is said to be quieter. I will be going back to work at 12 weeks, so a quiet pump is important to me.

    The spectra S2 was covered 100% by my insurance, but I paid the extra money to upgrade to the spectra S1 as it has the option to run on battery power (s2 didn’t), which is another important factor for me due to returning to work. If I wasn’t planning on that, I probably would’ve stuck with the S2.

    How can you increase your milk supply and milk output?

    If you are still concerned that your milk supply may be low, there are a few things that you can do.

    · Increase nursing frequency. The more you nurse the better. Make sure you're getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of fluids. Also, try to include high protein snacks throughout the day to help boost your energy level.
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