The Summer Special promotion has become added to the bonds food list in preparation for the deal's launch after the weekend. Many of us regret that we'll struggle to offer this deal about some platforms due to the regulations of the various app merchants that offer the mobile variation of the game.

Clue scrolls and related items at this point give a warning when conversion spells are cast in it, even if the player's alchemy notice settings would otherwise not necessarily apply to these items.

The agreed upon oak bow, as backed by Robin, has had their inventory icon changed to help it become distinct from normal walnut bows.
The feathered less difficult awarded by Rantz for you to experienced chompy hunters have obtained their descriptions updated to be able to what they signify.
The left-click option on Dragon paws is now 'Wield' rather than 'Wear' to match other weapons.

Mobile phone

Free players tapping with a members skill on the figures interface should no longer aimlessly stop you performing skilling measures.
The mobile app's star that shows the iphone app to be using mobile files rather than wifi has been altered. The previous picture of a cell phone was unclear, whereas the modern icon is a standard layout and is consistent with the wifi sign.
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