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RuneFest 2019, the 9th annual Jagex-run real-world event, will come with different surprises this October. The 2010 season you could get everything with just one ticket, including The Golden Disposition Awards and RuneFest.

Info on RuneFest 2019 tickets

RuneFest 2019 tickets have been on the market to purchase from May 31th. Just one RuneFest ticket includes a couple events, The Golden Disposition Awards and RuneFest 2019. The limited Earlybird give costs £135 (sold out), and the standard ticket prices £150.

The Golden Disposition Awards on October 5

The Golden Gnome Prizes in RuneFest 2019 usually are back on Friday July 4th, running from 17: 00 to 23: one month. There will be an annual major Oscar-like award competition held by means of Jagex with multiple different types, including videos, livestreaming, fine art, and cosplay. This year you could possibly enjoy the talent and interest of RuneScape community participants, content creators and decorations, as well as some special surprise on that evening.
Just about every award of Golden Disposition Awards 2019 is elected for by RuneScape’s web 20, so everyone has a chance to cast a vote. The rewards will include a new real-life gnome, an in-game ui Golden gnome and a Gold colored gnome hat.

RuneFest 2019 on October 5
The foremost RuneScape real-world event, RuneFest 2019, runs from 12: 00 to 00: 00 on October 5th. The 2010 season there will be skill chips in addition to new activities, new activity, and some biggest announcements by both RuneScape team in addition to Old School RuneScape team. To be able to starts, you could enjoy board sessions with JMods in addition to content creators, a huge LAPTOP OR COMPUTER LAN party, and goodie bags filled with RuneFest Loot.

In addition , food and drink will be available onsite during RuneFest 2019, in addition to there will also be a massive afterparty for all guests when this day comes to a close.