Less than three years after the acquisition, Fukong Interactive offers announced it's considering "the partial or full sale" of UK-based Runescape programmer, Jagex.

"On January twenty third, 2019, Fukong Interactive released a regulatory statement in order to advise the Chinese monetary market that it is planning a main reorganisation and is considering purchase of assets, with the incomplete or full sale associated with Jagex as a potential choice, " Jagex representative, "JagexJD", confirmed on Reddit on the weekend, after a link had been posted detailing a Reuters news agency report that reported Fukong was considering selling the united kingdom studio.

"A sale associated with assets is one of several routes Fukong Interactive offers available as it restructures as well as, by making this initial declaration to the market, Fukong are now able to begin exploring such choices, " JagexJD continued. "Whatever the outcome of Fukong’s restructure, it won’t change the way you play RuneScape or Old College, and it doesn’t affect our own plans as we continue to purchase growing Jagex, RuneScape as well as Old School, building on our record-breaking years, and ensuring all of us bring you all the new content material and updates we have within the works, in addition to more standard of living improvements. "

"Fukong Online has issued a regulating statement to advise the actual Chinese financial market that it must be planning a major reorganisation and is particularly considering sale of materials, with the partial or whole sale of Jagex for a potential option, " Jagex's director of communications, Loaded Eddy, told MCV by means of statement. "A sale connected with assets is one of many routes Fukong Interactive features available as it restructures in addition to, by making this initial report to the market, Fukong now can begin exploring such selections.

“Whatever the outcome of Fukong’s restructure, Jagex continues to accomplish on our short-term and good strategies for the RuneScape team, which has seen five regarding consistent growth, delivered life revenues of $1billion, now has player membership higher than it has been a long time driven by our dwelling games approach and a profitable first move to mobile having Old School RuneScape. Jagex hasn't been in better shape along with the year ahead will see even more investment in the organisation grow older expand our talent basic to create and deliver major new content for our members, build on our Jagex Lovers third-party publishing initiative, together with increasing our presence with mobile sector with RuneScape itself. "

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