As among the first quests released in Old-school RS, Romeo & Juliet may be players' first goal when they begin the game. That quest is not difficult to comprehensive, and here is an easy and quick information for this Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest.Buy Cheap Rs Gold for sale at fair price from Runescapegoldfast.

Basics connected with Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest

OSRS Romeo in addition to Juliet quest is a Inexperienced quest without level prerequisites. This quest is small and easy to complete, so it is appropriate for Old School RuneScape beginners being a first quest.
To start often the Romeo and Juliet, come across Romeo in or in close proximity to Varrock Square (sometimes into the general store south with the square). It is recommended to have various teleports to Varrock, although it's ok without the teleports and you can just walk to each spot.
Romeo and Juliet OSRS quest walkthrough
- Speak to Remeo to start often the quest. Then find a house directly west of the Varrock West Bank, reach the highest floor and talk to Juliet.
2 . Go back to Remeo in addition to deliver Juliet's letter to help him. Then go to the ceremony north-east of Varrock Block and speak to Father Lawrence who mentions a cadava potion.
3. Find in addition to speak to the Apothecary with south-western Varrock.
4. To look for cadava berries, go to the gulf of the mine south-east connected with Varrock and get some for a bush. Then return to often the Apothecary, and he will give you often the potion you need.
5. Provide potion to Juliet. Having seen her drink the comprimé, go back to Romeo to tell the dog what happened.
6. Get redirected cutscene of you going into the crypt with Romeo. Romeo forgets Juliet and also falls in love with Juliet's cousin Phillipa. Quest full!

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