Zalcano will not be a new training method and as such will only grant token amounts of experience. Instead, the reward for defeating Zalcano will be access to her loot table. This table will contain gems, ores and a brand-new unique item, the Crystal tool seed. We guarantee that your Cheap Rs Gold is 100% safe.

Crystal tool seeds will be combinable with Crystal shards to create three new pieces of equipment. Crystal shards will be obtainable by completing various activities in Prifddinas, including fighting Zalcano. Crystal equipment seeds will be tradeable but the equipment itself and the Crystal shards will not.

The three new tools are the Crystal pickaxe, Crystal axe and Crystal harpoon. Each one is made by combining a Crystal tool seed with 120 Crystal shards and the corresponding piece of Dragon equipment. Doing this requires 76 Smithing and 76 Crafting.

These new items will require level 71 in the respective skill to use and will offer faster gathering speeds than their dragon counterparts. The items will require 70 Attack and 50 Agility to equip. They will retain the equipped stats and special attacks of their dragon counterparts.

Crystal tools will degrade after 10,000 uses with each item gathered counting as one use (mining 10,000 ores for example). Once a Crystal tool degrades, it will revert into a Crystal tool seed. The Dragon item used to create the tools will be recovered but the Crystal shards will not.

Crystal Pickaxe: this will have a 1/4 chance to mind an ore one tick faster than the Rune pickaxe (up from 1/6 for the Dragon pickaxe)

Crystal Axe: this will be 15% more efficient at chopping logs than the Rune axe (up from 10% for the Dragon axe)

Crystal Harpoon: this will have a 35% faster catch rate when fishing at a harpoon fishing spot (up from 20% for the Dragon harpoon)

Because Crystal tools are untradeable and can only be made in Prifddinas, they will require Song of the Elves completion to use.

A dangerous death in PvP will cause Crystal tools to revert to their Dragon equivalents which would then be dropped for the killer. Any Crystal shards will be lost.

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