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We are completely thrilled by the opportunity to contend with some of the biggest names within gaming, but if we’re in order to prosper we’re going to need your own help. Unlike the other groups, the EE Mobile Video game of the Year Award is determined by public vote. The actual polls close tomorrow (17: 00 GMT on Fri March 29th) so please bear in mind that casting a vote our own way.

We'd like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone who else plays Old School - without having your commitment and passion for your game non-e of this will be possible!

If you are UK dependent and interested in lending your own support to Old School Cellular in the BAFTA Games honours, you can find all the info on the state Page and cast your own vote there. The timeline for getting your votes within is 29th March seventeen: 00 (GMT) and if you are doing vote, you'll be in with an opportunity to win tickets to attend the actual award ceremony!

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